Volunteering with CASE

Medium and Long Term volunteering provides its own special reward.  Spending a few weeks or months working with a community gives the volunteer a kind of insight that can’t be compared to that acquired in shorter term stays.  Also, some communities need the longer term commitment of labor and support that only volunteers can provide.

Central American Service Expeditions understands the importance of quality volunteers for local communities as well as the importance of a quality experience for volunteers.  If you want to experience Central America intensely, make a real difference, and  challenge yourself, sign up for a CASE Volunteer Placement today!

Activities range from working in urban communities to teaching English and working on development projects in remote villages in the rainforest.  And with CASE you can be sure that you will be helping to meet a real need, putting your efforts and hard work to good use!

To participate in a CASE Volunteer Placement you will need a minimum of 1 year of high school level Spanish and you can bet you’ll be speaking a lot more Spanish when you return!  (Also CASE can provide a crash tutoring course if you need it.)

Contact us if you would like more information.